My Favorite Pivots. So Far…

David Day

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Everyone's pivoting, and good for them. I am. If you aren’t, maybe you should be. If you don’t have to, you’re fortunate. But those of us who have or will experience a major downward shift in revenue due to lack of demand for our previous offerings have to get creative. 

In truth, it’s actually quite exciting. On one hand, making money by getting my “share of the pie” is fine when there’s plenty of business to go around and demand is high. But when demand drops (and by drops I mean STOPS), doing something others haven’t thought about is freakin’ intoxicating. Here are some of my favorites so far…
  1. Jay Ducote, Media Personality, Chef, Entrepreneur Jay shut down his restaurant, Government Taco, but he’s still smokin’ along in his backyard with slow-smoked, tender and juicy briskets every weekend. He’s selling them online at, and they are Ducote-licious! He uses the proceeds to keep his employees paying their rent and other good causes. Unfortunately, it’s pick-up only, so out of towners are out of luck. 
  2. Gyms that rent their equipment. I heard about it from a friend, then saw dozens of places online that will rent a machine, or weights, or other workout equipment to you by the day, week, or month. Can you convert your gym membership to pay for it? Yep, part of it anyway. Prices range from $5-10 per day, but when you consider you’ve got it at home, no driving, and potentially multiple users, it’s a deal. Goody. Now we can Spin and Zoom at the same time. 
  3. Drive-Thru Communion/Eucharist. My church held a drive-thru communion recently. Yep. Stay in your car, drive through the line, and we’ll serve everyone in the car that wants to partake. Our pastors wore masks and gloves, and the holy combo of grape juice and wafer was served in tiny cups without human contact. Awkward? Not really. After all, it’s the message that delivers, not the method. Strangely, only two people asked for fries with that. 
It’s not just the desire to make a living that moves us to change, but it’s the commitment to do what we do; the belief we have in our product or service that drives us find a way. Keep at it. You’ll find a way. Make mistakes and adjust, but keep going. I’m presently helping two companies find their way through the pivot process. Need help with yours? I’m happy to visit. 

Until then, enjoy this hugely helpful few seconds of further instruction on how to “Pivot!”

It’s a new DAY. Make it great.

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