Managing & Marketing Through a Crisis

Becoming a better company and preparing for what’s next.

As a business owner or leader, how do you lead through a pandemic and beyond?

You have the technology, the team, and the will to make it work. What next? 
You can emerge better than before. 

Building Brands that Build Business

Building your brand isn’t easy, but the results can be astounding. Just think of the brands you know and the products you use. Somehow they made their way into your world—and your pocket. How did they get there?

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My Favorite Pivots. So Far…

May 13, 2020 by David Day

Everyone’s pivoting, and good for them. I am. If you aren’t, maybe you should be. If you don’t have to, you’re fortunate. But those of us who have or will experience a major downward shift in revenue due to lack of demand for our previous offerings have to get creative.  In truth, it’s actually quite exciting. On one hand, making money by getting my “share of the pie” is fine when there’s pl...
My Favorite Pivots. So Far…

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