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Business owners and leaders are at a crossroads:

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  • Cutbacks and layoffs?
  • Is now a good time for advertising? 
  • Do I invest in digital or traditional marketing? 
  • Do I need an agency? 
  • How much should I pay for that?

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Building your brand isn’t easy, but the results can be astounding. Just think of the brands you know and the products you use. Somehow they made their way into your world—and your pocket. How did they get there?

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Five Steps to Keep Your Business Moving Forward

Sep 18, 2020 by David Day

(Photo for Meet the Robinsons, copyright, Disney 2007) So, you’ve “pivoted.” How’s it going? You got some PPP money. Run out yet? Let me guess: some customers are coming back, but it’s not like it was. You’re doing your best to keep it going under the circumstances. You’ve adjusted your staff, changed their responsibilities, re-worked your product or service and maybe even changed how you advertise. ...
Five Steps to Keep Your Business Moving Forward

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