InBound Traffic

David Day

2 min read
I was heading to LSU Tiger Stadium before a game recently, and as usual, I was stuck in traffic, bumper to bumper for miles. The sheer vision of it all was staggering–everything heading in the same direction. I thought, “What if I could offer something that had folks lined up like this?” That would be exceptional. But often times, getting just a few to line up at your doorstep is a real task.

Sometimes in marketing, it’s hard to get potential clients’ attention long enough to share with them how you can help them. While we see clearly how our services can save them money, help to make them money, or even make them more productive, they oftentimes aren’t engaged enough to learn how.

When I was first learning about the business of marketing, one of the leading points for advertising was- and still is – to interrupt. If you can interrupt the normal stream of thought or attention, you will have an opportunity to make an impression. But much like any other interruption, ads or sales calls that interrupt are often more of a nuisance than an open door. It seems to me that the key is to attract rather than interrupt.

How do you attract your prospects to your product or service? Offers can be effective, but then you’re assuming that what you are offering is one-size fits all, and will solve the problem for everyone on your list.

What if you could offer the prospect something of value they can use—no strings attached? Valuable tools for free are attractive. They also brand you as the expert and a good resource for the prospect. Once in that door, the chances are much higher that you will be called upon to bid on their next job or purchase. You’ve established a relationship. You have touched your prospect with your brand.

“Inbound marketing” is a term often used to attract prospects to your door rather than sending out hooks to snag them. What can you offer your prospects that will get their attention? What will set you apart from your competitors? How will you deliver it?

Think about that and give me a call. I can help you deliver your message that will create the kind of traffic we would all like to be stuck in!

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