Discovering Different: The First Step to Building Your Brand

David Day

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Discovering Different: The First Step to Building Your Brand
Unless you’re working in covert operations for the CIA, you probably want your
company’s brand to be known. You want people to do business with you, and so you
advertise. Then you evaluate the results, and if it’s not working, you try something
different. And the crazy circle of advertising begins. How frustrating!

What if your ads could increase sales and generate profits? What if you could build a
brand that actually makes money?

The key to creating a brand that builds profits is simple but often excluded from the
business owner or marketing manager’s equation.

Apple built their brand on it. Inventors depend on it. Society celebrates it. Like a
moth to a flame, human nature gravitates towards things that are different. In the
sea of sameness, “different” rules.

Differentiation is the act of identifying or creating a uniqueness in your brand that is
relevant to your customer, consistent every time, and communicated well.

For 25 years I have worked with business owners, marketing directors, and brand
managers, and I have developed a simple but effective system for creating brand
differentiation. Your advertising might be working great, but if it’s not, or if you
have doubts, or even if you’re thinking about some changes, let’s talk.

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