Digital Media Made Simple (kinda)

David Day

2 min read

I’m not gonna bore you with talk about algorithms and how few microseconds it takes to deliver online advertising. I’m not even going to try to explain, even if I could, how the digital marketing world works in general.

What I will do though is share with you a bit of what I have learned about digital media because you need to know.

Advertising online means something very different today than it did just a few months ago. Remember “banner ads?” That’s not what we’re talking about. Online media is very cost effective and provides lots of options. Here are a few reasons why you should build online media into your marketing strategy:
  1. It’s highly targeted. In addition to demographic profiling, we can qualify your best prospects based upon their online habits and behavior. If they’ve been browsing “outdoor patios” we can deliver ads to them for your line of outdoor furniture.
  2. We know where they’ve been. We can “follow them” around the web. Have you ever browsed to a site and then seen ads from that company while browsing other sites? That’s “site retargeting” and it’s very effective.
  3. It’s global and local. We can reach members of your target audience within a specific geographic area, even very narrow ones (like the immediate square block around your place of business-or your competitor’s business!)
  4. We can track results almost instantly. There is no guessing as to what is working and what is not. The feedback is fast and accurate, so you can adjust on the fly and enhance your effectiveness.
  5. You can reach out through multiple channels at once. Desktop, mobile, tablet- your ads are delivered to the device in a way that customizes it for perfect display. I use a notebook computer and an iPhone, and the same ad can be delivered to me consistently on both.
  6. It works great with-not instead of- traditional media. Some research suggests that online advertising enhances television effectiveness up to 40 percent. That may sound ridiculous, but think about how many times you’ve been watching your favorite show and you pick up your phone or iPad to get more information about that actor, athlete, or episode. If your spot runs in the TV show and is then delivered via the iPad, you’ve got powerful exposure.
Digital can be an important part of your media mix. Call us for help, and get ready to engage, influence, and inspire!

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