Brand Quiz

David Day

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Brand Quiz
The word BRAND is thrown out a lot in todayʼs business circles. Just googling the term
can lead to more confusion than answers. Hereʼs a little quiz for you on the term “BRAND:”

True or False:
1. A brand is mainly your logo, mark, or other image that you use for identifying your company.

2. Your brand is created by advertising.

3. A companyʼs brand includes the thoughts and behaviors of its employees.

4. A strong brand should require less advertising.

5. Sales volume is usually increased through promotions rather than brand advertising.

Now letʼs see how you did:

1. FALSE. Your brand is everything your audience thinks for feels when they see or hear your name. Good, bad, right, wrong- its all of it. Itʼs more than a logo, more than a slogan, more than the imagery created. Itʼs all of it together. It is what the customer thinks it is.

2. FALSE. But not too far off. Your brand is created by you, not by advertising. You decide what you want and you build it. That means you can influence it, shape it, mold it. Advertising is one way to get your brand noticed, and to influence how your audience reacts, but itʼs not created in the ad world. Itʼs created through strategy.

3. TRUE. Your brand includes the internal workings of your office and employees. The Inside Reality of your company makes up a giant part of your brand, because what happens on the inside eventually translates to the Outside Perception (what others perceive on the outside.) The culture of your company matters.

4. FALSE. Strong brands remain strong through solid, aggressive ownership of market share. Once you get ahold of a position in the marketplace, donʼt back down. Think Coke, McDonaldʼs, Apple.

5. MAYBE. You canʼt really do one without the other for long. You can spike your sales for a time with strong promotions, but youʼll be back where you were when the promotion is over unless you build the brand rather than just sell product. Only 7% of your audience is ready to buy today, so what will you do with the other 93% in your advertising?
To discover more about your brand and how to build one that builds business, call me. One last question: What do people think or feel when they hear or see your companyʼs name?

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